News of Jon Stewart's Return Has Us So Freakin' Excited (GIFS)

Jon Stewart EmmysIf you, like me, were wondering how on Earth we were going to survive the next YEAR of election cycle madness, rejoice! For lo, Jon Stewart just signed a four-year content deal with HBO. Right in the nick of time!


According to HBO, Stewart will start by producing "short-form digital content," which sounds like short and sweet material we can watch anytime. WOOT! 

"In his first project for HBO under the new deal, Stewart will view current events through his unique prism," reads HBO's announcement.

OMG! There is literally nothing better than Jon Stewart's Unique Prism. 

"Working with the pioneering cloud graphics company OTOY Inc., he is developing new technology that will allow him to produce timely short-form digital content, which will be refreshed on HBO NOW multiple times throughout the day," the announcement continues. "Additional projects will be announced as they are confirmed."

We're super excited to hear what other projects they're cooking up! Since we can't WAIT for this all to get started, please enjoy some gifs of previous Jon Stewart Election Pearls of Wisdom in the meantime. Take a walk down memory lane, to...

When he loved Mitt Romney's choice of words:

That time he started to wonder if maybe Obama might have it in the bag:

When he finally figured out one of the great mysteries of life:

When he explained what midterm elections are:

When he predicted what was going to happen in the 2014 midterm elections:


Then, when he aptly summarized what was happening to the Dems in those elections:

And when he broke our hearts just a little bit more as he prepared to leave the show RIGHT BEFORE the next election season!

Oh man, we've missed you. We'll see you again soon, Jon!

We'll leave you with this final gif, which just really sums up how we feel about this news:


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