Ben Higgins Reportedly Made His Final Pick Long Before the Final Rose Ceremony (SPOILERS)

They say when you know, you know, and it sounds like our latest Bachelor knows -- way earlier than he was expected to. Reportedly, Ben Higgins knew who his final pick would be halfway through the season, and nope, it's not Becca Tilley.


According to Reality Steve, Ben knew pretty much immediately that he would choose contestant Lauren Bushnell, calling it a "major upset" if he doesn't end up choosing her at the final rose ceremony. 

"By all accounts, Ben has been pretty clear about wanting Lauren in the end, so much so that it’s apparently become obvious to the rest of the group, which in turn hasn’t made some real happy," Steve wrote. 

Well, duh! If you're putting your life on hold to find happily ever after, it's gotta be discouraging to find out that even though you're giving love a chance, your Bachelor has already made his mind up. 

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It's definitely going to be interesting to see how this season unfolds ... and whether all of the spoilers are correct. By Steve's assessment -- which is usually right -- Lauren has now made it to the final four, which means she's participating in hometowns this week. 

There's not too much longer 'til we'll find out for sure who Ben's new fiancée is -- if you want to be spoiled, that is. And if not? January's not so far away! 


Image via ABC

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