Amber Portwood Looks Like a New Woman With Honey Blond Hair (PHOTO)

It's like Amber Portwood is a brand-new woman! She has always been into changing up her looks, but we hope her latest makeover sticks around for a while. This week, Amber debuted her newly blond locks, and she looks amazing! 


For most of the time Amber has been in the spotlight, she's been all about rocking the dark hair. But as we all know, sometimes change is a good thing, and she looks like she was made for light hair!

While earlier this year Amber had started to lighten her hair, it looks as though now her transformation is complete. She shared a photo showing off her new look on Twitter, and we definitely approve.

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Is it just us, or is Amber practically unrecognizable? We wouldn't know it was her if she wasn't the one who tweeted the photo! 

Since posting the photo, everyone's been talking about how awesome her hair looks, and it seems like Amber's definitely loving it. Since sharing her updated look, she's received tons of social media praise and has been retweeting the compliments. 

Good beauty choice, Amber. Now will you help us with our hair? 


Image via realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

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