Brooks Ayers Says His 'RHOC' Ex Vicki Gunvalson Knows He Has Cancer

Despite Sunday night's shocking Real Housewives of Orange County reunion admission, Brooks Ayers stills says Vicki Gunvalson believes he has cancer.


Oh, what a tangled web they weave in the Housewives franchise.

During part three of the reunion show, Vicki finally admitted to her costars and Andy Cohen that she began to doubt Brooks's cancer diagnosis about three months ago. If you're not up to speed, the status of her now ex-boyfriend's health was called into question all season long, namely by fellow cast member Meghan King Edmonds. And for his part, Brooks did nothing to prove he was telling the truth, only making the situation all the more sketchy by producing what appeared to be fake documents.

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But Brooks took to E! News to tell his side of the story (as you do with reality television) and insists Vicki now believes he is sick. He also wields some barbs about her embellishing stories about his illness for reasons he doesn't quite understand. Because he's just a victim in all of this, y'all. Or so he says.

It's nearly impossible to get a straight answer out of anyone on this show. Each cast member contradicts the next. It's also curious that Vicki would still be speaking with Brooks since she made it sound like she was absolutely, 100 percent done with him (like for real this time) during the reunion.

We're not sure we'll ever know the truth. But naturally we'll keep watching the show next season in hopes we'll find out.


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