Leah Messer Blames a Sleep Disorder for All the Problems in Her Life

Ugh, we feel for this girl, but it seems like she's always full of a million excuses. Leah Messer recently blamed narcolepsy for losing custody of her twins to Corey Simms, and honestly, we don't really know what to think anymore.


The Teen Mom 2 star lost primary custody of Ali and Aleeah to her first ex-husband allegedly because she couldn't get them to school (or get Ali to therapy for her muscular dystrophy) on time, but Leah claims she's only racked up one tardy recently.

While she's admitted to struggling with the temptation to use prescription painkillers after her third daughter Addy's birth (her toddler with second ex-husband Jeremy Calvert), she has maintained that addiction has not been an issue recently.

She even spent time in rehab late last spring for depression and anxiety, and during a Teen Mom 2 reunion show with Dr. Drew, he said that Leah was suffering from some mental conditions.

Leah's now claiming that one of the medical conditions she may be suffering from is narcolepsy, which would explain why she's been caught on camera dozing off at random times, and also why she's had trouble getting the girls where they needed to be last year.

Or, you know, maybe she just went through some traumatic events, including a second divorce before her 24th birthday. Anyway, the reality star told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview that her potential narcolepsy is "very serious," and that "they are still doing the testing. They are pretty sure that's what I have."

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I hate to break it to Leah, but even if she does have narcolepsy, it's not going to help her regain custody of her kids. There's no cure for it, only treatments including lifestyle management. And at the end of the day, the kids need to get to school on time.

She needs to focus on getting better and being more responsible with herself, and stop looking for something to blame for her erratic behavior. Maybe then she'll have a solid chance of achieving joint custody with Corey and Miranda.


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