Leah Messer Spends Halloween With Her Twins After Losing Custody (PHOTO)

Leah Messer might be heartbroken over losing primary custody of her twins, but she's definitely not letting it show! Leah celebrated Halloween with her daughters at school on Friday, and there's an adorable photo to prove it. 


Leah shared a photo with Adalynn and Ali, both in costume, and someone who is probably one of their teachers, as they had a Halloween party at school. Adalynn looks adorable as Elsa from Frozen, but it's hard to see what Ali's costume is. Either way, they both look cute!

Leah has started opening up about her feelings post–custody battle, and it definitely sounds like she's ready to fight. And for now? It seems like her number one priority is being a good mom to her daughters, even if not all of them are living under her roof right now. 

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Last week, Leah shared a photo from the time she spent prepping the girls' lunches for school, so she definitely still has Ali and Aleeah with her occasionally. It's good to see she still gets to hang out with them, even if they're primarily living with Corey and Miranda now. It's obvious that she loves her kids, and that her kids love their mom. 

Now, we want to see a better pic of Ali's costume and to see Aleeah on Halloween! Is there anything better than cute kids in adorable costumes?! Probably not! 


Image via tm2leahdawn/Twitter

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