Lena Dunham Shakes It 'Like No One Is Watching' in 'Girls' Teaser (VIDEO)

Lena Dunham GirlsIf you're at all familiar with HBO's Girls, you won't be surprised when you watch this brand-new season five teaser. After all, Lena Dunham has never been shy about showing off her body. And we totally love her for it!


The teaser begins with a close-up shot of Dunham's bare midriff as she shakes her thang to "Get Up On It" by Empire Isis. You really have to see it to fully appreciate how uninhibited and awkwardly fabulous she is.

Naturally, Dunham's only wearing a sports bra and cut-off shorts --  and she couldn't look any less self-conscious! "DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING" flashes across the screen, and it's clear that both Lena and her character are doing just that. Here's the interesting thing: While Hannah Horvath's only audience is the room full of fellow dancers (oh, and HER MOM, played by the supremely funny actress Becky Ann Baker), Dunham knows very well that her audience is one of millions. And she STILL dances like no one is watching.

Dunham, who shared a snippet of the clip she labeled "sensual grindin'" to her Instagram, is a woman who's not only totally comfortable in her own skin -- but she's also unapologetic and unabashed about sharing it (all of it!). Her attitude is incredibly refreshing in a world obsessed with airbrushed size zeros. For all the talk of body acceptance in Hollywood and expanding beauty ideals in the cosmetic and fashion industries, there are very, VERY few celebs willing to embrace -- let alone reveal -- their flaws and imperfections.

Dunham has received more than her share of flack for all the skin she's shown -– flack that only comes her way because she dares to flash an "imperfect" body. The crazy thing? Lena's body is one that most human women can actually relate to! Yet, the amount of criticism and body-shaming she receives on a regular basis would make most people of either gender want to hide under their beds forever.

In fact, Dunham revealed she no longer mans her own Twitter account, thanks to all the truly disgusting and disturbing "verbal violence" she's received after daring to post revealing photos of herself. Regardless, while Dunham may not be reading all the tweets directed at her, she's still putting herself out there in the public eye, with no shame.

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Girls isn't a show that many young teens should be watching (at least according to this mom!). But as a feminist and a person, Dunham is an incredible role model not just for older girls -- many of whom follow her Instagram account -- but also for grown women as well. What if we all felt like we could really, truly dance like no one is watching? In all aspects of our lives?

Season five of Girls premieres Sunday, February 21, at 10 p.m. We say that calls for a sports bra dance party!


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