Miranda Simms Throws Major Fighting Words at Leah Messer

After confirming that she lost custody of her twins and telling her side of the story to Us Weekly, Leah Messer is receiving harsh words from Miranda Simms in regard to the whole ordeal.


Miranda's tweet didn't name names, but her simple and concise words have to be aimed at Leah. She posted:

I would hate to be that miserable & delusional. I'll definitely be praying for you!

Ouch! While we totally get that Miranda and Leah aren't exactly on the best of terms, it seems like throwing salt in the wounds to make that comment. She did just lose custody of two of her daughters, which has to be a hard pill to swallow, especially because it happened so publicly.

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Leah has long thought Miranda was way too involved in her kids' lives, and Miranda seems to find Leah to be a thorn in her side. For the sake of the girls, they need to figure out a way to be civil. It's just not a healthy situation for anyone.

For her part, it appears Leah said all she needed to say in her cover story. She hasn't responded to Miranda's tweet. Here's hoping she can take the high road this time and put this feud to rest.

Image via MTV

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