14 Biggest Liars to Ever Come Out of 'Bachelor' Nation (PHOTOS)

Nicole Pomarico | Nov 3, 2015 TV

As wonderful as it is when The Bachelor and The Bachelorette end in happily ever after, the moments we truly never forget with the show? They all begin with one thing: Drama. And that drama usually comes from contestants who aren't on the show with the purest of intentions ... or, as Chris Harrison would say, "the right reasons." 

In fact, plenty of past Bachelor Nation stars have been exposed as pretty big liars, and their lies? They range from harmless -- like using deceit to catch the leading man or lady's eyes -- to pretty serious, like actually having a girlfriend or boyfriend back home. Ready to walk down memory lane? Check out some of the show's biggest liars. They suck, but we've gotta hand it to them: They make great TV! 


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  • Brian Jarosinski


    On Desiree Hartsock's season of The Bachelorette, contestant Brian was exposed as a cheater when his girlfriend, Stephanie, stormed the set of the show, demanding answers. Desiree was understandably horrified, as were we -- a sweetheart like her doesn't deserve that! 

  • Kelsey Poe


    Kelsey was full of "amazing stories" during her time on The Bachelor, but more than once, the other contestants called her out on exaggerating or being overdramatic to get Chris Soules's attention ... including that time she staged a fainting episode. Of course, according to Kelsey, it wasn't staged, but we have our doubts.

  • Casey Shteamer


    On Ben Flajnik's season of The Bachelor, it was revealed that Casey was actually in love with someone else. After a little mediation from Chris Harrison, Casey was sent home. As much as she wanted it to work with Ben, her heart just wasn't in it.  

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  • Kirk DeWindt


    On Bachelor in Paradise season 2, Kirk convinced Carly that their relationship was going to work long after they left Mexico ... and then, at the last minute, he told her he just wasn't on the same page with her. (Turns out he had another gal back home.) Poor Carly was heartbroken, and those of us watching at home? Totally left in shock.

  • Rozlyn Papa


    Remember that time Rozlyn had an affair with a crew member on The Bachelor, while trying to keep it totally under wraps? Yeah, the truth eventually came out, thus giving us one of the most scandalous moments in Bach history.

  • Joe Bailey


    Oh, Joe. He didn't have a girlfriend back home, but when he arrived on Bachelor in Paradise, it was clear that his big lie was his former Southern gentleman personality. In pursuit (and revenge) of Samantha Steffen, his true colors quickly came out, and he basically told anyone whatever they needed to hear for his own personal agenda.

  • Samantha Steffen


    Speaking of Joe Bailey ... Samantha might have been an even bigger liar than he was. As much as Joe showed the text messages Sam sent him before BIP filming to the Bach cameras, she kept denying that they had a prior relationship, or that she told him to "do whatever it takes" to stick around long enough to meet her. And unsurprisingly, this didn't make her too popular in paradise.

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  • Wes Hayden


    Wes Hayden seemed like a good enough guy on Jillian Harris's season of The Bachelorette ... 'til he dropped a mega bombshell when he was booted off. He proudly announced that he'd managed to make it to the top 4 with a girlfriend back home. Not sure why he considered this an achievement, but it's a good thing he didn't win the whole thing! 

  • Justin Rego


    Ali Fedotowsky was none too pleased when she found out that Justin actually had a girlfriend back home named Jessica -- even though Justin denied up and down that they were still together when he left for the show. The jury's still out on whether or not Justin was telling the truth, though.

  • Ian Thomson


    Ian acted totally into Kaitlyn Bristowe ... until the moment she wasn't giving him enough attention. He took the opportunity to pull her aside and let her know that he was way too smart for her sense of humor, and was immediately shown the door. We'll hand it to him -- he's a pretty good actor, because he definitely had us fooled that he was into her. 

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  • Brad Womack


    Reportedly, while Brad Womack was the Bachelor, he actually had a girlfriend at home: a woman named Laurel Kagay. Supposedly he only agreed to go on the show because they broke up right before filming, but those same reports say he was definitely still into her while he was ABC's leading man. 

  • Graham Bunn


    Rumor has it that Graham Bunn was dating a mystery actress while he was on The Bachelorette and secretly asked DeAnna Pappas if she could let him go so he could continue his relationship back home. If that really happened, Graham's a very good liar ... and the show is really, really good at keeping things under wraps.

  • Clint Arlis


    Clint admitted on camera that he wasn't on The Bachelorette for Kaitlyn, he was actually there to bro-out with JJ Lane ... and then proceeded to go absolutely nuts on JJ when he threw him under the bus for being insincere later on. Clint ended up being kicked off the show, and he and JJ have since repaired their friendship. 

  • Frank Neuschaefer


    Poor Ali! Not only did she have to deal with Justin and his potential girlfriend, but Frank also had a special lady he just couldn't get out of his head. He ended up leaving the show to try again with her, but Ali handled it pretty gracefully. 

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