This 'Real Housewives' Montage Is a Real Halloween Thriller (VIDEO)

In what might be the best move ever on Bravo's part, Andy Cohen debuted a spooky Real Housewives video for his Watch What Happens Live guest Sarah Silverman on Thursday night's show. And it's definitely must-see TV.


The clip has everything gory and silly from the last year of Housewives. We're talking Heather Dubrow's leeches, Bethenny Frankel feeding a freaky clown, and all sorts of screams, slaps, and Satan, lots of Satan.

Sarah, who is a regrettable Housewives fan, seemed slightly amused by the reel. On the other hand, we could watch it over and over again on a loop.

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In fact, we'd love an expanded version of this video to include creepy scenes from all of the franchise's seasons. Now that would be something to see ... and scare.


Image via Heidi Gutman/Bravo

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