Ben Higgins's First 'Bachelor' Appearance Is Cheesy but We Can't Wait

We may still have a full two months to go before The Bachelor is back, but we're already about to get a taste of Ben Higgins in his Bach duties. The good news: Ben is set to participate in the Rose Parade next year. The bad news: His float is going to be super cheesy. Wait, maybe that's good news, too. 


According to ABC, Ben is following in Chris Soules's footsteps by being in the parade. And really, we can't think of anyone more appropriate to be a part of the Rose Parade than a guy who's about to hand out a bunch of them week after week. Who doesn't instantly think "roses" when they think Bachelor

And yes, he will get his own float. The report states that it will be full of all the traditional Bachelor symbols, like a hot tub, a beach, and plenty of roses. Even better? Ben will be sitting at a lifeguard stand. Yes, this is a real thing that's happening. Supposedly it's meant to symbolize Fantasy Suite dates, especially those that happen on the beach. 

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Unfortunately, we won't get to see this happen for a while. The Rose Parade happens on January 1 -- but at least it's before The Bachelor premieres! If you can't be there in person, never fear: It'll air on ABC.

Oh, Ben, we can't wait for you to begin your reign. Or maybe we just can't wait to look at you every week. Whatever works!


Image via ABC

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