Brady Toops Dishes on Life After 'The Bachelorette' & Britt Nilsson

Some reality TV show contestants struggle to return to normal life after achieving a certain level of fame. Not Brady Toops — the Bachelorette contestant said he's happy the craziness has died down and revealed his thoughts on ex-girlfriend Britt Nilsson.


The Nashville-based musician isn't interested in being cast in the next big reality show — instead, he's reportedly working on a new record and is considering moving to Los Angeles to work on his music career. When it comes to speaking about The Bachelorette, he seems to have a really healthy attitude about that time in his life — he appreciates that it happened, but he isn't hanging on to it. He told Us Weekly:

It’s nice for some of the craziness to die down. It still happens. The raving fans come up and want pictures. I just flew in from Sacramento and the flight attendants wanted pictures. But, for me, it’s endearing. I think the important thing for me is getting back to the rhythm of doing what I love and making music and playing shows. Life is great.

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Fans still think of Toops fondly because the season 11 contestant chose Nilsson over fame or a chance at winning the final rose and left the show so that he could date the brunette beauty. Sadly, they didn't last and broke up in May — something Toops admits might have inspired a "heartbreak" song or two.

But guess what? No hard feelings there at all: "Britt and I are on great terms. She’s incredible," Toops told Us. "I’ll run into her every once in a while. No drama ... We’re just friends. We had a crazy experience together. We’re both thankful for it and I think we both moved on ... as friends, which is all you can hope for."

Toops seems like a great guy who deserves to find the perfect woman — and I have no doubt that he will. All he needs to do is keep working at achieving his goals and it will all fall into place for him. Though it would be great if he and Nilsson would give their romance another shot — no pressure!


Image via bradytoops/Instagram

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