Bonnie's Dark Secret Reveals So Much on 'How to Get Away With Murder'

Bonnie Winterbottom on How to Get Away With MurderIf this season of How to Get Away with Murder has proven anything, it's that the strongest player doesn't have to be the captain of the team. With Annalise continuing to unravel, one character who remains a constant buoy is Bonnie Winterbottom. Now that her childhood secret has been revealed, it might just explain her many complexities.


Warning -- major spoilers ahead!

Thus far, Bonnie has been a rock for Annalise, and in many ways, the glue that helps keep the group together (aside from Frank's dumping bodies). While she did appear timid and much of a pushover last year, this season, she's one of the strongest in the bunch -- even going as far as killing Rebecca in efforts to protect the people she loves (or likes for the moment -- it's hard to tell with her).

Bonnie's nonchalant confession earlier this season was so left field, and eerie. It kinda made you wonder what other secrets Bonnie had that she kept behind her poker face.

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She's definitely that quiet friend you have, whom you think is innocent and uninvolved, but in reality is the one helping you cover your tracks. Bonnie is capable of more than she lets on.

Little did we know, that was the tip of the iceberg.

No one ever expected for Annalise to reveal to Asher one of Bonnie's darkest secrets. Not only was Bonnie the victim of sexual abuse as a child, but experienced the unthinkable at the hands of her father. And if that wasn't unsettling and disgusting enough, it was recorded on tape.

Just knowing there's a videotape of young Bonnie in such a horrific situation is incredibly chilling -- and goes to show that people can harbor so much trauma without your ever realizing.

This definitely helps explain Bonnie and Annalise's cryfest not too long ago, and why Bonnie says she saved her. Bonnie always seems to step up to the plate when it comes to the Keating crew, and continues to do so throughout every episode. Between taking the fall for Sam Keating's murder (well, at least to Asher), informing the others about prosecutor Emily Sinclair's blackmailing Asher to become a mole, and simply being there in the moment, Bonnie continues to be a reserved and unexpected pillar of strength who constantly tries her best to show her loyalty.

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Yes, there are issues Bonnie needs to deal with (no one on that show is close to being perfect), but something tells me Annalise will keep looking to her for strength when hers continues to get put to the test. Bonnie, you might want to pick up the phone and call Annalise -- because she got her feelings handed to her by Nate tonight (there still might be some cobbler left).

Who knows how the pieces will continue to fit, and the part Bonnie will play in events to come.



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