Leah Messer Finally Owns Up to Those Drug & Cheating Rumors

What a month it's been for Leah Messer. After being hit with all kinds of rumors over the past few months and losing custody of her twin daughters to Corey Simms, she's had a pretty rough fall -- and now, she's coming clean about the mistakes she's made. In an interview with Us Weekly (via Radar Online), Leah admitted that the rumors about drug abuse and cheating with Corey are actually true.


Although Leah denies Corey's claims that her daughters were always tardy to school when it was her turn to take them, she does admit in the interview that she's taken hydrocodone and Percocet after youngest daughter Adalynn's birth.

And even more shocking? The fact that Leah was willing to admit that she and Corey did have an affair -- and only two months after Corey's wedding to Miranda! It's not only surprising that it happened, but also that Leah is willing to come clean about it. But if she's going to get real, now is the time.

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It's good that Leah is willing to be upfront about her past indiscretions, but it doesn't change the fact that Corey still has primary custody of Ali and Aleeah. Maybe this is the first step to Leah's getting her life together so she can get her girls back? 

Leah also revealed that she's hoping for 50/50 custody in the future, and that she's willing to do whatever she needs to in order to make sure her daughters are happy and well taken care of. 

Good for you, Leah! Hopefully she'll able to get the help she needs to be the best mom she can be. Ali, Aleeah, and Adalynn deserve it! 


Image via TM2LeahDawn/Twitter

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