Chelsea Houska Is So Thin in New Pic We Had to Do a Double Take (PHOTO)

Chelsea Houska, how is this possible?! The Teen Mom 2 star has always been crazy gorgeous -- and she's always had an awesome bod. But in one of her latest Instagram pics, Chelsea looks so skinny it's almost scary. Is she okay?!


Fortunately, her waist trainer probably had something to do with it. In the photo, Chelsea's wearing the corset-like device, cinching up her waist and torso. But even without the trainer, she's looking a lot thinner these days. 

And Chelsea's definitely not the only Teen Mom star into the waist trainer. Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans seem to be obsessed with their trainers, so maybe they actually do work?! However, with Chelsea's looking so different from the way she once did, we're pretty sure more is at play here -- probably a better diet and a gym membership, if we had to guess.

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Chelsea's fans have definitely noticed the weight she shed, too. While some are ready to applaud her in her Instagram comments, others are worried. And some are even letting her know they miss the "plump" Chelsea she used to be. Um, yikes! 

We think Chelsea's beautiful regardless of her weight, but she does seem extra happy these days. If her new, fit figure is working for her, more power to her! All that matters to us is that Chelsea is happy -- and that so is Aubree. 

And if she wants to share her secrets with us? We wouldn't mind that, either.


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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