Leah Messer Claims Corey Simms Has an Ulterior Motive for Getting Custody

It's drama central in West Virginia! At least in Leah Messer's neck of the woods. The Teen Mom 2 star recently lost primary custody of her twin daughters Ali and Aleeah Grace to her first ex-husband Corey Simms, and what she has to say about the real reason he wanted them isn't very nice at all.


Of course we can't blame Leah for being frustrated about the situation, but even after she spent 30 days in a treatment center for depression and anxiety, it still seemed pretty clear that she was having a rough time juggling all three kids (she also has 2-year-old Addie with her second ex-husband Jeremy Calvert).

But the 23-year-old doesn't believe that Corey wants custody of the 5-year-olds purely for altruistic purposes. She just thinks he doesn't want to pay as much child support.

As it stands now, Corey and his wife Miranda have the girls Monday through Friday, and Leah only gets them on the weekends. She told Us Weekly that she believes the $800 a month Corey used to have to pay her was a major factor in his wanting primary custody. She explained, "I think child support has a lot to do with [his motivations]."

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Whoa. That's a pretty harsh thing to say about the father of your kids -- especially one who seems to genuinely adore and enjoy his daughters as much as Corey does. His only complaint about Leah as a mom has been her inconsistency, and he's said multiple times that he just wants his girls to have a stable home life. You know, get to school on time and all that.

Leah also alleged that the girls are miserable with Corey and Miranda, and even said that "Aleeah's talked about running away."

Ugh. I feel bad for Leah for sure, but this bad-mouthing isn't going to get her anywhere except being held in contempt of court. If she wants custody back, all she has to do is maintain some stability in her life for an extended period of time.

Maybe it's the perfect time for her to finally get all her ducks in a row.


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