'The Mindy Project': Anti-Vax Activist Nanny Puts Baby in 'No Vaccine Zone' Onesie … Uh-Oh

The Mindy Project continues taking on issues that are important to moms. This week it was the vaccine debate. Mindy and her nanny really get into it. Here's how it went down.


Dr. Lahiri had her son Leo vaccinated as a baby -- for her, that choice wasn't the hard part. Instead, she was faced with her sticky situation when she finally found the perfect woman to nanny her son (and we all know how hard that struggle is) ... but after a day of working-mom bliss, Mindy saw a photo of Leo in an anti-vax onesie.

Yikes. That's a very big statement for a baby to make with the help of someone who's not even his parent. Mindy was pissed, and we gotta say ... we would be, too. 

So she rushed home (there never seems to be much traffic in Mindy's New York City, does there?) and demanded some answers from her nanny, whose defense was, "But I thought you wanted him to be famous!"

The nanny stood up for Leo's onesie by citing Big Pharma, and Mindy shot back with: Vaccines eliminated Big Polio and Big Mumps, and of course her son is going to have vaccines.

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Then, the hard part: She had to fire the otherwise perfect nanny. 

That's a tough call, but the vaccine debate is so massive and so important, it's a hard line for many moms. But then again, does the nanny really have a say at all? Could you just tell her to deal with it, or would you rather have a person caring for your child who has similar values on these kinds of things?

Like we said, sticky situation. But Mindy chose to send her home, and opted instead to get her crazy mother-in-law back, if only for the pasta rigatoni and cute notes.

And we can't blame her for that.


Image via John Fleenor/Universal Television

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