'Sister Wives' Stars Jump Through Hoops to Complete Adoption

It's something that not a lot of people in this situation would do, but I have to hand it to the Brown family. The Sister Wives stars recently made some significant legal changes to their dynamics, and finally accomplished their ultimate goal -- Kody got to adopt Robyn's three kids from a previous marriage.


The TLC reality stars finally had a dream come true, as patriarch Kody was able to adopt Robyn's kiddos Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna. It's been a long road for them, starting with first wife Meri's giving up her legal rights as a spouse.

Since polygamy is technically illegal, Kody can only be legally wed to one of his four beautiful brides. Until recently, it's been Meri, but she selflessly gave up that privilege and documented it last season on the show, so her newest sister wife could have her children adopted by Kody.

In this week's issue of People magazine, Meri explained, "It was something that I knew that they wanted to have their legal name Brown. They really wanted to be adopted."

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This is not a usual thing to happen when it comes to polygamist families. Third wife Christine said, "It was a really sweet offer and, as far as polygamous relationships go, I don't know of any other family that has done this."

It just goes to show that this family is really all about their commitment to each other over what the government says about their union. I'm not sure I could have given up my legal marital rights like Meri did, but it shows what an awesome woman she is that she did.


Image via © MSA/Splash News/Corbis

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