Olivia Pope Seems One Step Closer to Tying the Knot on 'Scandal' (VIDEO)

Attention, Gladiators! Could this be the moment that Team Fitz has been waiting for? It looks like Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant may actually be heading down the aisle soon -- but it isn't quite as romantic as fans may have hoped.


Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) is under fire for that time he went to war to free Olivia (Kerry Washington) from being a hostage worth a billion dollars. Apparently the government wants Liv to testify against him -- but dude, how much has this woman already given up for of her love for this man? She is not about to testify, or at least not honestly, given this clip.

So, if she marries Fitz, she'll be protected from perjuring herself. That's pretty important, but do we really want her to get married for anything other than true Vermont-living-jam-filled LOVE? Of course we (speaking for myself here) want Liv and Fitz to get married, but does it have to happen for political reasons? Why can't Shonda Rhimes ever just have anyone live easily and happily ever after?

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Probably because that would make boring TV. And we'd never tune in. And #TeamJake and #TeamFitz wouldn't be a thing. And we wouldn't love Kerry Washington.

All things considered ... we can't wait to catch the latest episode of Scandal tonight on ABC at 9 p.m.


Image via ABC

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