'Bachelorette' Villains Are Teaming Up Against Shawn Booth & Nick Viall

The unholy alliance is back together again -- and for an awesome cause. Now that Shawn Booth and Nick Viall have buried their Bachelorette hatchet, JJ Lane and Clint Arlis are teaming up against them for Movember. Yep, this is happening!


It all started when Nick accepted Shawn's invitation to join his mustache-growing team to help raise awareness for prostate cancer. In his video message to Shawn, he invited their former Bachelorette buddies to join in, too. 

And now? It looks like the pair known as Brokeback Bachelors are back together again for the cause.

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This is bound to be a hilarious competition to watch, especially because of JJ and Clint's rocky history as ex-BFFs. Hopefully, JJ plans to make good on his "be careful what you wish for" threat, because we can't wait to see what he means by that. 

Maybe more Bachelorette guys will join the race? It could be interesting to see all kinds of unions form. Don't hold your breath for Joe Bailey, though. We have a feeling he's still stewing somewhere about Samantha Steffen. 


Image via jjhlane/Instagram

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