Jenelle Evans's Ex Is Headed Back to a TV Screen Near You

Jenelle Evans knows how to pick 'em -- and by that, we mean guys who love to be in the spotlight. Her ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, is now starring in a heroin documentary for his local news, and unsurprisingly, it sounds like he knows plenty about the topic.


The documentary hasn't aired yet, but the trailer is already here, featuring Courtland front and center. The movie is called In Vein: Hooked on Heroin and is about doing and finding heroin in Wilmington, North Carolina. And in the video, Courtland talks about how easy it would be to buy heroin if he wanted to around town. 

From the video alone, it's obvious that heroin use must be a pretty big problem in Wilmington ... and Courtland knows a lot about it. 

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It's pretty interesting that this news is coming now, after Courtland accused Jenelle of ruining his life. Let's be real: If he's starring in a documentary, how bad could his life be? It seems like he's doing just fine without her, even if he does want to continue trashing her on social media. 

And being part of this project means a lot to him, since he even tweeted the network to thank them for including him.

Being that Courtland has been involved in the world of drugs before -- like the time he shot a video of himself shooting up heroin -- it's not surprising that he knows so much. But hey, maybe by his sharing the information he has, less people will be harmed by it. Maybe? 

We're far more likely to believe that his participation in the video is more about reclaiming the spotlight, but if he really is trying to turn his life around? Good for him!


Image via est4life910/Twitter

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