Shawn Booth Gives an Update on Wedding Plans With Kaitlyn Bristowe

They may be taking their sweet time getting to the altar, but Shawn Booth thinks Kaitlyn Bristowe is one amazing woman. The personal trainer didn't mince words when talking about his Bachelorette fiancée, calling her "100 percent wife material" before revealing their new wedding plans.


Shawn confirmed to E! News that he and Kaitlyn have an authentic, real, and genuine bond and said every day they learn even more about each other. Even though some reality TV show couples tie the knot rather quickly, Shawn says he and Kaitlyn aren't in a rush simply because they are "all over the place right now" and are busy traveling and becoming more acquainted with each other -- smart move.

With that said, we're finally getting a nugget of wedding planning info from them -- Shawn says they're going to set a date after the New Year. Sorry, no word yet on where they're thinking of getting married, but my guess is Vancouver -- it's a gorgeous city and Kaitlyn's family hails from the Canadian city. A Nashville wedding would, of course, be just as much of a blast, so time will tell in which direction they choose to go.

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Here's a big, awesome sign that Kaitlyn and Shawn have evolved as a couple and are moving past that little Nick Viall sex episode on the Bachelorette: Shawn and Nick have joined forces to create a Movember team in order to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer this November. How cool is that? The 28-year-old put aside any past jealousy he had over Nick and Kaitlyn's romance and asked him to be a part of his team for the greater good of fighting a disease he says has affected several members of his family. They hope to raise $100,000 and, in Shawn's words, "do something really big here."

I think Shawn knows he has nothing to worry about where Kaitlyn is concerned. The two have spent no more than four hours apart from each other since the finale of the show -- if that doesn't prove their commitment, nothing does.


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