15 People We're Dying to See on the Next Season of 'Bachelor in Paradise' (PHOTOS)

Nicole Pomarico | Oct 30, 2015 TV

As much as we love The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, there's nothing more fun to watch than Bachelor in Paradise. For some reason, the drama is never more cranked up than it is when you trap a bunch of our favorite reality stars on a gorgeous island together for a few weeks. And even though next summer seems like forever away, it'll be here before you know it -- and so will the next season of BIP

Of course, there are brand-new Bachelor alumni we're going to fall in love with on Ben Higgins's season of the show starting in January... and The Bachelorette after that. But we all know older members of Bachelor Nation often make the cut, so it's not too soon to start making wish lists! 

Here are all the Bach stars we'd love to see on BIP next season. Chris Harrison, take note!


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  • Andi Dorfman


    Andi hasn't returned to Bachelor Nation since her own term as the Bachelorette, but since she's still single, she'd be an awesome addition to BIP. Besides, bring Josh Murray on and you've got yourself some drama.

  • Chris Soules


    Since splitting up with Whitney Bischoff last spring, Chris has been a very single man. Maybe he wouldn't mind a short vacay from the farm for another shot at true love?

  • Whitney Bischoff


    Speaking of Chris ... you know who else is still single? His ex, Whitney. Maybe if they were on BIP at the same time, they could work out their issues ... or they could both find someone else entirely.

  • Nick Viall


    Nick loves bringing the drama, so he'd be a perfect fit for this show. Plus, we wouldn't be complaining about a summer full of seeing him shirtless on the beach. 

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  • Ben Zorn


    As the other Ben, this guy definitely doesn't get enough credit. Maybe he should get on BIP and prove he's just as awesome as Ben H.? 

  • Kelsey Poe


    She brought major drama to The Bachelor, and then totally disappeared from Bachelor Nation. Kelsey on BIP would bring out tons more "amazing stories"... especially if she and Ashley I. ended up in paradise at the same time. 

  • Chris Harrison


    No, not as a host -- as a contestant! He's single, too, so why shouldn't he find love? And he does know the women of Bachelor Nation better than anyone. Anything could happen! 

  • Sharleen Joynt


    Sharleen has always been one of the Bachelor contestants who most seems like an awesome friend, and paradise needs people like that around. After all, someone has to comfort everyone else when they get their hearts broken.

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  • Juan Pablo Galavis


    We all know that Juan Pablo loves the ocean (and, um, doing things in the ocean) more than most, so he'd be perfectly happy on BIP. Plus, he'd definitely bring the drama. One contingency: He's not allowed to say "Es okay," not even once. 

  • Josh Murray


    Since calling it quits with Andi Dorfman earlier this year, Josh has been a single man for more than 10 months. It's time for him to get back out there and begin dating again, and paradise might be the best place for him to start. Not to mention the fact that, like his old rival Nick Viall, he looks pretty good shirtless.

  • Vienna Girardi


    There's no doubt that Vienna knows how to bring the drama, so she'd be perfect on BIP. She definitely kept things interesting on Bachelor Pad, so it'd be fun to watch her stir things up again. 

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  • Chris Strandburg


    Chris Cupcake was so cute and such a sweetie on The Bachelorette that it was heartbreaking watching him leave the show empty-handed. There's no doubt that he'd find someone in paradise, because Kaitlyn Bristowe doesn't know what she's missing. 

  • Courtney Robertson


    Has there ever been a more notorious member of Bachelor Nation than Courtney Robertson? In fact, it's kind of crazy that she hasn't been on Bachelor in Paradise yet! She should definitely roll into Mexico next season ... with plenty of copies of her book so everyone knows exactly who they're messing with.

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  • Rozlyn Papa


    Rozlyn's claim to fame is allegedly sleeping with a Bachelor producer, but she definitely didn't get enough time to prove herself on the show because of the scandal. If she comes back for BIP, maybe we'll find out we really like her! And if not, she'll definitely stir things up. 

  • Tierra LiCausi


    As one of the most intense villains in Bachelor Nation history, bringing Tierra on BIP -- especially if she was on with Courtney Robertson at the same time -- would be amazing. Amazing to watch from our couches, that is ... maybe not so amazing for the other people actually in paradise.

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