Becca Tilley Winning 'The Bachelor' This Time Isn't as Far-Fetched as We Thought

You probably already knew this, but Becca Tilley is kind of a pro when it comes to this Bachelor thing. Don't believe us? The proof is already here. According to the rumor mill, it sounds like Becca made it to hometown dates on The Bachelor -- again.  


And these spoilers? They're coming straight from the all-knowing Reality Steve, so there's a very good chance they're true ... which means Becca could actually have a shot at winning this thing after all! Apparently, news got out after Becca's family and friends started telling people the date was happening. Yikes!

And remember how last season, Becca's hometown date with Chris Soules was on her birthday? That's happening again this time, too! Ben will be taking her out on October 30 -- this Friday. That's pretty exciting!

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Steve adds that there shouldn't be any negative effect on Becca for her family's blabbing, though -- at least not where production is concerned. This is good news! 

We can't wait to see Becca on another hometown, especially since her family was so critical of Chris. Maybe they'll like Ben better? Or maybe they'll be even harder on him, since she's had her heart broken thanks to this show pretty recently.  

There's a very good chance we'll see Becca as one of the final two another year in a row. Hope you guys are fans, because it definitely seems like we'll be seeing plenty of her next season. 


Image via beccatilley5/Instagram

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