8 Most Devastating 'Teen Mom' Custody Battles (PHOTOS)

Lauren Brown | Nov 6, 2015 TV

Teen Mom 2 castSadly, one of the downsides of being a Teen Mom star is the possibility that your relationship with your baby daddy won't last. It's been devastating to see some of the stars of the Teen Mom franchise go through bitter divorces -- and subsequent custody battles -- at such a young age.

We're taking a look back at some of the nastiest fights that our Teen Moms have encountered. In some cases, they've come out of their hardships even stronger than they were before.

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  • Amber Portwood vs Gary Shirley


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    In one of the most heartbreaking stories to come out of Teen Mom, Amber Portwood lost custody of her daughter Leah to baby daddy Gary Shirley after cameras caught her beating him up. That led to a downward spiral for Amber with drugs, and ultimately landed her in jail. Gary retained sole custody while was Amber was away, but now that she is home and clean -- she wants her daughter back. Gary loves having the upper hand -- not letting Amber see Leah on school nights. Gary doesn't even want to give Amber 50/50 custody, and now Amber has reportedly been trying to get full custody back!

  • Leah Messer vs Corey Simms


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    Leah Messer and her ex-husband Corey Simms started out as great co-parents to their twins Ali and Aleeah. They both remarried, and Leah even had baby Adalynn. And then things started to unravel seemingly out of nowhere. Leah accused Corey of not putting the time in to contact their insurance company to get Ali the wheelchair she needed. Corey asked for more time with the girls because he thought that Leah was unfit -- skipping doctors appointments, letting the girls stay up late, missing meals, and he even accused Leah of being addicted to drugs. Turns out that Leah did need to go to rehab to straighten things out ... and after she returned, the judge gave her the devastating news that Corey would now have full custody of the girls, and Leah would only see them on weekends. She is fighting now to have that reversed!

  • Jenelle Evans vs Her Mom Barbara


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    Since Jenelle's son Jace was a little baby, her mother Barbara (Babs, if you will) has had custody of him, with Jenelle getting him on the weekends. Jenelle was addicted to drugs, was in a lot of trouble with the law, and was dating shady guys, so a child was just not something this Teen Mom star could handle full-time. But rather than be thankful she had her mom to step in, Jenelle has been extremely resentful of her mom's relationship with Jace. So Jenelle has gone to mediation with her mom to figure out a way to transition Jace back to her full-time -- but in typical Jenelle fashion, she gets all fired up and threatens to take her mom to court and then something distracts her from following through ... until her mom upsets her again. It's a vicious cycle with them!

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  • Maci Bookout vs Ryan Edwards


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    There was a time when Ryan Edwards thought he wanted full custody of his son Bentley. This was when Maci was dating Kyle King and she was partying a lot -- especially after Maci and Kyle broke up. But, now Maci has to beg Ryan to take an active role in Bentley's life. Ryan's parents are the ones who spend time with Bentley when it's Ryan's turn to take care of him. And sadly, Ryan barely knows anything going on with Bentley -- he didn't even know when he was starting kindergarten. It's the reverse situation where Maci would love for Ryan to be more involved, and actually wants him to fight for more custody!

  • Leah Messer vs Jeremy Calvert


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    Things are sticky for Leah Messer and her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert. He filed for divorce while Leah was in rehab. Her mom was watching their daughter Adalynn, and it seemed as if Leah would keep full custody because of Jeremy's work schedule. But after a report that Adalynn wandered out of the house and the cops brought her back home before Leah even realized what happened -- now Jeremy is using Corey Simm's lawyer to go after Leah for full custody of Adalynn too.

  • Jenelle Evans vs Nathan Griffith


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    Sigh. As always, things are complicated with Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith. While it seems they have finally and officially broken up, they still need to figure out the custody arrangement for their son Kaiser. Right now, Jenelle has Kaiser during the week and Nathan has him over the weekend, and they only speak when it has to do with the baby. But Jenelle is thinking about moving an hour and a half away to Washington, D.C., so a more formal custody battle -- or fight, rather -- seems to be imminent!

  • Kailyn Lowry vs Jo Rivera


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    Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera have had a tumultuous time figuring out their custody arrangement for their son Isaac for years now. They take one step forward and two steps back -- with the courts getting involved and all. Their biggest dispute came when Kailyn moved two hours away from Jo. While their custody arrangement didn't change -- Kailyn still got Isaac during the week and Jo had him on weekends -- Jo still tried to contest the move. Then he just decided he would move to the same neighborhood as Kailyn with his girlfriend Vee. Kailyn was very clear that being closer did not mean more custody. And we can't forget in between all this when the cops got involved over threatening texts that Jo sent Kailyn after he skipped one weekend and just expected to be able to make it up!

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  • Chelsea Houska vs Adam Lind


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    Where to start with Chelsea Houska and her ex Adam Lind? He has basically been out of the picture since the day their daughter Aubree was born. Adam's parents usually spend more time with Aubree than he does on the days he has custody, and he's been pretty neglectful when he DOES spend time with Aubree. Who can forget that accident they got into on his dirt bike? But every now and then, Adam will decide he wants more custody, or at the very least unsupervised custody ... and the court always goes in Chelsea's favor, because after serving jail time and getting served restraining orders by various ex-girlfriends -- it's pretty obvious that Adam still isn't ready to be a dad!

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