Nathan Griffith Completely Loses It in Rage-Filled Voicemail to Jenelle Evans

Just because they're broken up doesn't mean that they've left the drama behind them! Radar Online recently obtained a recording of a voicemail that Nathan Griffith left for Jenelle Evans, and it's easy to see why she finally kissed his butt good-bye.


Apparently, Nate was not excited that Jenelle moved on with new boyfriend David Eason so soon after their breakup. Never mind the fact that Nathan was already dating someone new before he and Jenelle officially ended it. Details, details. 

According to Radar, Nate got really upset on the message, essentially blasting her for cheating on him. Or something. He reportedly screamed, "You were already talking to him while you were supposed to be on this path of being single and working towards our future ... So you lied! Every single time you lie or every single time you're wrong you have to play this game. You need to grow up and take responsibility."

Who needs to take responsibility again? Kaiser's dad did acknowledge his relationship with Jessica Henry, but said, "I was hanging out with Jessica ... I'm still not with Jessica. I feel a lot better about myself because I did the right thing and you didn't."

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However, a source told the site that he was, and still is, dating Jessica. They said Nathan wanted both himself and Jenelle to remain single, and that Jenelle had told him "What does it matter?" and said she'd already moved on.

Good for Jenelle for not remaining trapped in a relationship with Nathan, who was constantly putting her down and was even arrested for domestic violence against her last spring. Now let's just hope David is a better kind of guy.


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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