Shawn Booth & Nick Viall Are About to Bury the Hatchet for a Good Cause (VIDEOS)

Every year at about this time, guys across the country start organizing to participate in Movember -- which means growing a mustache in the name of raising awareness for prostate cancer. And now, not only is one former Bachelorette contestant participating, but he's trying to convince his former foe to get in on it, too. This week, Shawn Booth asked Nick Viall to join his Movember team, and it looks like Nick might actually say yes! 


On Sunday, Shawn posted a video asking Nick to join his team, which means both of them would grow a mustache over the next month. Um, count us in on wanting this to happen. Seeing Nick and Shawn sport matching mustaches? Yes, please. 

It's cool that Shawn is willing to put aside his beef with Nick for such a good cause, but is Nick willing to do the same? According to his video response, absolutely.

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On Monday, Nick shared his own video on YouTube -- while wearing an 'N Sync T-shirt, of course -- letting Shawn know that he'd love to take him up on his offer. 

"Honestly, I think we're gonna be a pretty amazing team," Nick said in the video. "Hopefully this gets people talking." 

Oh, don't worry, Nick, we're talking. A friendship between Nick and Shawn?! We never thought this day would come, so we're definitely all ears ... especially since Nick invited their Bachelorette costars like Joe Bailey and Jared Haibon to join in, too.

This may be the best Movember yet, everyone. And we are so ready to see these mustaches. 


Image via shawn_booth18/Instagram

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