Farrah Abraham Uses a Natural Disaster to Make Herself More Popular on Instagram

Just in case you weren't convinced Farrah Abraham is shameless when it comes to fame, this might actually do it. As Hurricane Patricia -- aka the strongest hurricane ever recorded -- made landfall over the weekend, it looks like the Teen Mom star couldn't help but capitalize on people's interest in it. Farrah used the hashtag #HurricanePatricia on several of her Instagram posts ... even though she wasn't posting about the hurricane at all.


As Wetpaint pointed out, Farrah has been tagging her posts with #HurricanePatricia in order to draw more attention to her account as people search through the hashtag to see actual posts about the storm. Ugh, not cool, Farrah! 

Among the posts tagged? One encouraging her followers to join her live cam sex site, and one cheesy quote written on a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio. Oh. Okay. 

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If that upsets you, don't worry -- you're definitely not alone. Farrah's followers have commented on the photo, calling her out for contributing to the hashtag with posts that have nothing to do with the actual hurricane that is affecting people in Mexico and the lower U.S. 

For the record, Farrah? You have plenty of followers without Patricia's help. And we can pretty much guarantee you this: Nobody affected by the hurricane is going to join that cam site to make extra cash. Yikes!


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram 

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