Farrah Abraham's Third Boob Job Is Already Going to Her Head

When we noticed Farrah Abraham's latest plastic surgery trending on Facebook this week, we weren't too surprised. After all, at this point, it's not really news when the Teen Mom star decides to go under the knife. But for Farrah? It was time to celebrate. In fact, Farrah believes her third boob job made her more famous than ever.


It didn't take long before Farrah took to Twitter to share a screenshot of her Facebook news feed, showing off that her latest breast augmentation was the topic of conversation more than anything else on Monday, and she sees it as a sign of love.

Umm ... whatever helps her recovery, I guess?

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We're not sure if people were talking about her boob job to show her support while she recovers so much as they were criticizing her decision to get yet another plastic surgery, but if Farrah wants to think positively about it, more power to her!

And not that her surgeon is complaining. After all, Farrah is single-handedly funding his next exotic vacation, so at least someone's benefiting from this! 

If only Farrah realized she's gorgeous without the extra help. But if new boobs (again) make her more confident, then good for her. 


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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