'How to Get Away With Murder' Season 2 Episode 5 Has Annalise & Crew 1 Step Ahead

How to Get Away With Murder Season 2Now matter how much grunt work these interns do, or bodies they burn and hack (so far only one, but hey, it's still early), there's so much these law students still need to learn. Tonight's episode of How to Get Away With Murder proves the "adults" are still in charge, and always remain one step ahead of the game.


Thus far, there has been a noticeable shift among the Keating Five. Once working together, everyone seems to now be off doing their own thing, trying to solve some mystery, getting laid, or covering their own butt. Asher has an immunity deal on the table for Sam Keating's murder (we'll get back to him), and Wes has "secretly" teamed up with Nate and Levi to figure out what the heck happened to Rebecca.

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It's really great some characters want to put their sleuthing skills and knowledge of the law to use, but did they really think the stuff they're doing behind closed doors wouldn't come to light? What's funny is that they have no clue the very people they're trying to keep a secret from actually know what they're up to -- and have already made their move. At least it looks like Annalise, Bonnie, and Frank want to protect the interns ... for now.

There, there ... you get an "A" for effort.

Annalise has been paying close attention to Wes ever since she saw him talking to Nate in the parking lot. Instead of letting Wes know, she figured out what her pupil was up to by asking her on-again, off-again, and maybe on-again lover, Nate -- who told her about Levi (aka "Eggs 911" and Rebecca's foster brother), and the boys' quest to find out the truth about Rebecca's death.

Looking to her bulldog Frank (he's definitely useful during a crisis, or when you need someone "handled"), Annalise was made aware of how many times Wes and Levi communicated, along with the fact that Michaela and Levi are romantically involved.

At one point, you think Wes just might one-up Frank when he and Levi interrogated Edie, the graveyard worker (having a gun in your face would likely make anyone squeal), once they discovered Rebecca's body is likely buried somewhere inside the cemetery. I thought to myself, Wes is a pretty smart kid, so maybe he'll find something Frank forgot to hide.

But once Edie told Wes and Levi that Frank wanted to use his storage space, and Wes saw the key on Bonnie's desk -- in plain view, mind you, with the words "Edie's storage" written on it -- during a group discussion, I knew it was too good to be true.

With Wes and Levi ready to check out the storage facility, I don't think anyone was prepared for what happened next.

At least the cat's out the bag regarding Levi and his true identity.

Yeah, it didn't help that Michaela, Connor, and Laurel rode up on Wes and Levi talking -- prompting an "I can't believe you let me sleep with 'Eggs 911'!" reveal in the middle of the street (no one else knew he was Rebecca's foster brother).

But my, was everyone shocked to see the cops pull up -- including Levi, who was hauled away after they conveniently found meth in the trunk of his car (Frank: 1, Scooby gang: 0). This made finding the suitcase Frank used to pack Rebecca's body (y'all remember from season 1) in the storage locker less of an OMG moment. Upon discovering all those Benjamins inside the suitcase, Connor, Michaela, and Laurel all rolled their eyes at Wes before leaving.

And now, Wes looks like the crazy one out the group, whose suspicions, which have been correct thus far, will now fall on deaf ears (Frank: 2, Scooby gang: 0).

This certainly makes me rethink the group's involvement in Annalise's shooting, and what exactly happens. If Frank is always in the mix, how can she get shot? Speaking of the shooting that happens at the Hapstall mansion, um, how about seeing Bonnie and Asher leave the scene of the crime together?


And don't forget, he dips out the car when Bonnie makes a post-Annalise-shooting stop at a random gas station to wash the blood off her body (did Bonnie pull the trigger?).

So, where did Asher go? Where else, the police station!


Bonnie and Asher's relationship has been weird, especially with Bonnie taking the rap for Sam's death to protect the rest of the interns, and Asher possibly gearing up to protect her from getting in trouble for a crime she didn't commit.

Bonnie continues to prove herself to be a "ride or die chick" for Annalise (killing Rebecca and a willingness to take the fall for Sam's murder deserves a bonus, or at the very least, a few extra vacation days). We'll see if she puts love over loyalty to Annalise, as Bonnie let her and everyone know Asher has been feeding info to the DA on the Hapstall case.

I don't know ... something fishy is going on here that's not making any sense. If we know Annalise and her crew have been one step ahead of her students, there's got to be a reason why she was shot, Bonnie and Asher leave together, and the rest of the group gets scooped up by Nate in his squad car (remember, Frank has yet to make an appearance at the mansion).

Was Annalise purposely shot (likely not a death-dealing blow) in some bigger cover-up -- like killing Emily, the prosecutor assigned to the Hapstall case, and the one forcing Asher to be a mole? She's definitely been busy, causing all sorts of trouble. It's not too far-fetched for someone to get tired of her antics and want to do something.

Mmhmm. Something's not right.

Guess we'll have to wait and see.


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