Now Leah Messer May Be at Risk of Losing Custody of Baby Adalynn

Bad news for Leah Messer this week: The Teen Mom 2 star may have actually lost custody of her twins, Ali and Aleeah. And if it's possible, things might even get a little worse. According to new reports, Jeremy Calvert may want full custody of Adalynn, his daughter with Leah. Yikes.


After struggling with anxiety, depression, and a drug addiction, Leah's been having a tough time lately. And apparently these issues don't make her a suitable parent when compared to her ex Corey Simms, in the eyes of the court, and now Jeremy could be be trying to take Adalynn, too. 

According to The Ashley, Adalynn recently wandered out of the house without Leah's realizing it, and cops brought her back home. After that incident, Jeremy isn't taking any chances, and it sounds like he's willing to do whatever it takes to keep Adalynn safe, even if it means involving the courts.

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The Ashley adds that Jeremy is reportedly using Corey's lawyer to gain primary custody of their daughter, and if the court took Corey's side this time, it wouldn't be surprising if they went in the same direction for this case, too. 

It's heartbreaking to think that Leah has to go without her daughters in her home, but if they're unsafe, it's obviously a priority to change that. Maybe in the future, Leah can regain custody when she's more stable?

Either way, we have a feeling Leah hasn't seen the last of the courtroom. Not for a long, long time. 


Image via Leah Messer Calvert/Facebook

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