Mackenzie Douthit Lashes Out After Haters Make Fun of Her Appearance

It goes without saying that if you're a celebrity -- especially the kind that made a career from starring on reality TV -- you're bound to encounter plenty of haters. But some people handle it better than others, and some just aren't that good at shaking it off. This week, Mackenzie Douthit dealt with haters who said she looks old, and she wasn't happy. 


Unfortunately, a rude Twitter follower informed Mackenzie that she looks much older than her actual age, and she wasn't having it. 

Hopefully, Mackenzie didn't take the insult as personally as her tweet suggests. After all, she's right -- she just turned 21, and she looks it. Mackenzie is gorgeous, and definitely doesn't look a day over her early twenties. Leave the girl alone!

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The good news? The bulk of responses to that tweet were all supporting Kenzie. Her fans reminded her she's beautiful and to ignore the haters -- solid advice, if you ask us! It's a nice reminder that not all people are bullies on social media ... although plenty of people are.

Unfortunately, receiving comments like these are kind of par for the course when you have a career in entertainment. And if Kenzie's feeling down about it, she can always go hug her kids Gannon and Jaxie. They'll cheer her up in no time!

Chin up, Kenzie. We think you're gorgeous!


Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram 

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