'Gilmore Girls' Might Be Coming Back -- Yes, These Are Happy Tears (GIFS)

Every year or two since Gilmore Girls ended, someone has promised us some kind of reboot. Most of the time, these rumors are totally fake. Now people are crying revival again, and because it's Netflix that is planning on bringing back Gilmore Girls, we can't help but believe them. 


The Hollywood Reporter and TV Line are reporting that Netflix wants to make four 90-minute specials that would revisit Stars Hollow and give us the finale we all deserve. 

That's us + Netflix. Because we're so excited they're giving us this. (Get it?)

Or, okay -- we at least think they're giving us this. No one has confimed anything: Executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino hasn't spoken up yet, and neither has the cast.

Right?! Rude. Actually, the last time Sherman-Palladino talked about a reboot, she said, "There is nothing in the works." But that was in June! Almost four whole months ago!! Things change!

And anyway, Sherman-Palladino said that if she were ever to do a follow-up, she'd do it right. Which means she'd be directing it and give it the exact Gilmore Girls flavor we need back in our life.

The show has gotten a 100 percent positive response on Netflix (that's estimated by my own survey, but c'mon -- you know it's true). Plus, Netflix is getting pretty good at their original content ... so we could see this working out.

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The only downside is that Edward Hermann died last year, so we wouldn't get to catch up with Richard Gilmore. Plus, Melissa McCarthy would almost definitely be out -- so no Sookie St. James, either.

But Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson, and Kelly Bishop all said they'd be there. Plus, we're hoping most of the minor characters will reappear so we can see Stars Hollow back in its true form.

Woohoo!! Also, there will probably be a time jump (eight years, so they're in present day) and all four of Rory's past suitors are planning to make an appearance. Which means that yes, we'll have to put up with more Dean.

I know he's terrible. But it will be worth it. Because more Gilmore Girls! Finally!


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