Farrah Abraham Let Sophia Wear Makeup for Her School Picture (PHOTO)

It's another day and another Teen Mom parenting mishap. Farrah Abraham let Sophia wear makeup for her first-grade school picture -- and the Internet is mad.


Seriously, the Internet is really mad.

The reality star posted her daughter's photos (which are actually really cute), and followers noted that the little girl appears to be wearing some makeup, like maybe mascara, blush, and some lipstick.

To be fair, the colors are pretty light. It's not as though Farrah sent Sophia off to picture day in fire engine red lipstick and enough rouge to coat circus clowns. The look is minimal and probably just a case of the elementary schooler wanting to play dress up for getting her photo taken.

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What's kind of disturbing is that commenters also attacked Sophia's hair for being "messy." That's where we draw the line. If you want to criticize Farrah because you don't think little girls should wear makeup (even for dress-up days) that's one thing, but to go on the attack about the kid's hair is a bit much. Chances are she was playing at school prior to getting in front of the camera, which could mean her strands got a little frazzled, but also, she's 6 years old! Give the kid a break.

Say what you want about her mom, because she signed up for this kind of attention, but Sophia is an innocent bystander of the reality TV world. We think attacks on her should be off-limits.


Image via Janet Mayer/Splash News

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