Jenelle Evans Shows Off Her Flat Abs & Gets Torn Apart for It

Since Jenelle Evans started working out, she's been all about promoting all of her favorite fitness products. But this week, after she showed off the results of drinking Flat Tummy Tea, people think Jenelle is faking her new, flat tummy


Teas like Flat Tummy work by helping to get rid of bloat, which in turn makes your stomach look flatter. And judging by the before-and-after shots Jenelle shared on Instagram, it looks like this one makes a dramatic difference -- or does it? 

Jenelle definitely looks slimmer in the second photo, but commenters are saying that she's probably sucking it in. That is a pretty striking comparison, but does it matter if Jenelle's faking it or not? Either way, she looks amazing.

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Aside from using teas like this one, Jenelle has also been busy trying out waist training and hitting the gym, and we're guessing healthy eating has become a part of her regular routine. After all, very few people can claim a body as amazing as hers without sneaking a few green things into their daily diets. 

And if she really did get those results from a drink? We're gonna need a few samples to try it out for ourselves. Pass the tea, please!  

Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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