Chris Soules Shows Off His Hot New Six-Pack (PHOTO)

It's not a secret that former Bachelor star Chris Soules has a pretty nice body, but in his days since the show, his Instagram photos have been showing he may have lost a little muscle and slimmed down. If that's what you're worried about, never fear -- Chris has an impressive six-pack again, and he's ready to show it off! 


Oh, and there's a catch -- he wants you to join him on the path to fitness. This week, Chris shared a photo of his transformation from your average farmer to muscleman, and he has one important guy to thank: his former Bachelorette costar Cody Sattler. 

The second photo is from the first time Cody whipped Chris into shape so he'd be ready for The Bachelor, and it looks like the third photo is today. Not too shabby! 

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If you want to join in on the challenge, it definitely looks like Cody knows what he's talking about. Chris's results are impressive! 

Of course, he probably had a little help from whatever he picked up on the set of Dancing with the Stars. If there's anyone who knows how to train, it's pro dancers. We have a feeling competing on a season of DWTS is practically boot camp. 

It's good to see Chris is in good shape, especially since he was looking a little too thin for our tastes not too long ago. Glad he's doing well and hitting the gym -- it's making us want to go run around the block, too! 


Image via souleschris/Instagram

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