Ashley Salter's Wedding Plans Give 'Paradise' a Run for Its Money

Ever since Ashley Salter announced her engagement to Austin Brannen, we've been dying to find out what she has planned for the big day. And now, she's finally giving us some insight! Ashley revealed the first details of her wedding plans on Instagram last week, and it already sounds like it's going to be a gorgeous event. 


So what's going on? Although Ashley hasn't given us a date or a sneak peek at her wedding dress, she has filled us in on one major part of her plans: the venue! According to the photo she posted, she's using a company called It Takes Two to plan her wedding, and she'll be walking down the aisle in the Bahamas! 

It seems only fitting that the lady who fit in so perfectly on Bachelor in Paradise would go to another kind of paradise to tie the knot, right? Atlantis is a beautiful resort, and there's no doubt that her nuptials are going to be gorgeous. 

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Ashley definitely deserves a beautiful wedding after everything she's been through. After being the victim of bad editing on The Bachelor and getting her heart broken by Dan on BIP, Ashley's getting her happily ever after, and it's good to see that.

We're just keeping our fingers crossed that Ashley gets along with the creatures of the Bahamas as well as she did the creatures of BIP. Don't be surprised if the birds and crabs all come out to celebrate! 

We're hoping Ashley will reveal more of her plans soon -- especially the date. And whether she plans on inviting any of her Bachelor Nation friends. We need to know!


Image via absalt/Instagram

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