Getting Dumped by Ben Higgins Could Be Becca Tilley's Big Break

If you had high hopes that Becca Tilley would find love on the upcoming season of The Bachelor, I'm sorry to burst your bubble: Rumor has it Ben Higgins already rejected Tilley on the show and sent her home — leading us to doubt she'll make it to the hometowns episode. But don't worry too much about Becca's future: Being turned down could be the best thing that happens to her.


Whether or not you agree, it's difficult to deny Becca's appeal — especially in the eyes of producers, who seem to be doing everything they can to ensure the chiropractic assistant becomes the next Bachelorette. Rumor has it that even after Ben asked that no contestant from Chris Soules's season return to compete for his heart, the show's creators found a way to get Becca on board, for no other reason than so that they could groom her for her own show — and remind us of all the reasons she'd make the perfect Bachelorette.

Becca has been largely absent from Twitter for the past few weeks, and the reason may be because she has been filming The Bachelor. The fact that she tweeted this cryptic message (which consists of Taylor Swift lyrics from the track "You Are in Love") has some believing she may have returned from the show after being rejected by Ben:

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It doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility that the reality TV show's producers would ask Ben and Becca to play along and pretend they like each other enough for Becca to make it until almost the end of the season so that viewers will become more invested in her, feel empathy for her once she is rejected, and want to see her come back and find love on The Bachelorette. But I highly doubt she has been rejected this soon into the season — a tweet doesn't prove much.

Becca is an example of a bachelorette whose bit of fame probably intimidates the other contestants, many of whom truly are there for no other reason than because they dig Ben. For that reason, I don't predict she and Ben actually have a chance of dating — if she rides on her star power I believe several reality TV opportunities will open up for her and that she could become the next Andi Dorfman.

In other words: Not receiving a rose will be the best thing that happens to her.


Image via beccatilley5/Instagram

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