Alison & Noah's Engagement Celebration Is Short-Lived on 'The Affair'

alison on the affairSince last season's finale, we've known Noah and Alison would ultimately move in together, get married, and even have a baby. Tonight, we found out exactly when Noah proposed marriage: the same night Whitney decided to show up -- apparently via a $200 Uber ride, ha -- in Cold Springs to raise hell and rail on her dad for his betrayal.


Noah and Helen's eldest is as much of a teen drama queen as ever. In Alison's perspective, Whitney freaks about the engagement and shrieks at her father that Alison is a "whore" and "just a stupid waitress." Sure, she promised her father (in Noah's perspective) that she's "got" him -- and realizes that telling her mom about the engagement will make the divorce and custody arrangement even more difficult ... But how much you wanna bet she's going to let the news slip not long after arriving back in Brooklyn?

Whitney's visit may have also produced a clue about what happened to Scotty. In Alison's perspective, she also hit up her future stepmom for some eyebrow-raising information: Scotty Lockhart's phone number. Because of course she did.

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Sounds like after getting pregnant, Noah's beating Scotty up at Planned Parenthood, a restraining order, and all the dramz that went on at the Lockhart Ranch last season, Whitney's still infatuated with Cole's bro and determined to track him down.

Something tells me this is going to play some part in his eventual death, for which Noah is now facing murder charges.

To that end, we also learned in the last minutes of the episode that Scotty died the night of Cole's wedding (so he's soon to move on, clearly). And Noah's alibi is that he felt awkward, got drunk, fought with Alison, and then ended up hitting a deer. Because the car looked suspicious, and he didn't want to encourage more negative press (his "exploitative" book didn't go over so well), he paid off a mechanic to keep his car's fix-it job under wraps.

But between that and the tape of his threatening to kill Scotty at Planned Parenthood, it's no wonder he's looking pretty damn guilty -- even to his own lawyer.


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