Tom Hanks & Jimmy Fallon's Recent Skit Is a Must-See -- Written by Kids (VIDEO)

Well this is just about the cutest, funniest thing you'll see all week! Tom Hanks and Jimmy Fallon acted out scenes from the Oscar-winner's upcoming film Bridge of Spies -- but the catch is that these dialogues were written by elementary school students.


Hanks dropped by The Tonight Show on Thursday, and the always hilarious Jimmy Fallon challenged him to reenact some of the scenes for one of his latest sketch ideas -- "Tonight Show Kid Theater."

The host got some kids to write out their own scripts for the movie, giving them nothing but the title of the film, Bridge of Spies. Understandably, one youngster set the bridge in China, where they were taping spies together because they ran out of wood. Duh, of course that's what a Bridge of Spies is.

Other scenarios focused on friendship over spying, and one has a surprising twist ending on a bridge that was "too full of spies" already. Just watch, and be endeared.


I could not stop laughing at both the hilarity of these kids, and also how talented an actor Tom Hanks is. He was all in for those parts, and played them as brilliantly as if Steven Spielberg or James Cameron were directing. 

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That's what I love most about both Tom Hanks and Jimmy Fallon -- they seem to really appreciate what kids have to add to the world, and they're always willing to go the extra mile to make them feel special and important.

And that's all kinds of awesome.


Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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