Farrah Abraham Refuses to Share Her Bathroom With MTV Film Crew

Farrah Abraham has exhibited some pretty diva-like behavior in the past, but her latest stunt? It definitely takes the cake. Reportedly, Farrah won't let MTV's Teen Mom crews use her bathroom while filming, forcing them to use Port-a-Potties instead. Um, no thanks.


According to The Ashley Reality TV Roundup, Farrah has never let any crew members use her personal bathrooms, dating back to her 16 & Pregnant Days -- despite the fact that she has four of them. Instead, MTV has to rent portable bathrooms for the crew to use, even though these are people who have been in Farrah's life for nearly a decade.

I wish I was more surprised that Farrah chooses to do this, but it seems like a very Farrah thing to do. She might try to look friendly, but it turns out, making nice with people who are basically her coworkers isn't really her thing.

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And even though the other girls, especially Maci and Catelynn, have welcomed the crew as part of their family, it sounds like they know better than to step on Farrah's toes. In fact, the source who spilled the beans about the bathrooms even admitted that they know better than to even ask if they can use Farrah's facilities. 

It's disappointing to hear that she treats the people she works with so poorly. After all, if it weren't for them, who would have filmed her adventures (and misadventures) over the past several years?

MTV, if you're ever in the area, feel free to use my bathroom. You don't even have to ask.


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram 

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