Chris Soules Admits He's on the Hunt for a New Companion

Since his split from Whitney Bischoff earlier this year, Chris Soules has been keeping himself busy. With his farm, of course -- and not any new ladies. There aren't any signs of his being in a serious relationship and settling down anytime soon, which makes one of his most recent Instagram posts really confusing. Apparently, Chris is looking for a dog that's good with kids


This week, he shared a throwback post of himself posing with a pup at a fund-raiser, and then asked his followers for advice on adopting a dog who would be good on the farm ... and with kids. You know, despite the fact that Chris doesn't have any kids. 

Of course, Chris could just be planning for the future. A dog is a long-term commitment, so whatever furry friend Chris plans on making part of his family will be around when his kids are young -- which means it would be pretty important to have a dog who likes them. 

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There's also that chance that Chris is talking about his nieces and nephews. He's got plenty of those, and it's obvious they're pretty important to him. If they spend enough time with Uncle Chris, they'll probably want to play with his dog, too. 

Maybe this is a sign Chris is beginning to plan for his future again?! We've been hoping to see him get back out there in the dating world for a while now, especially since he seemed so committed to finding a wife on The Bachelor. We just know the perfect, corn-loving gal for him is out there somewhere!

And hopefully, when he does find her, she'll be good with the farm ... and dogs.


Image via souleschris/Instagram 

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