Sean & Catherine Lowe Admit Their Marriage Is Far From Perfect

From an outsider's perspective, Sean and Catherine Lowe have the perfect marriage. Since their happily ever after on The Bachelor, they've been the picture of wedded bliss -- or are they? Now that they're about to appear on the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp, Sean and Catherine Lowe admit they work at their marriage all the time ... but not because it's in trouble.  


Of course, being part of Marriage Boot Camp insinuates that they need the extra help, but that's not why they decided to go on the show. After talking to Bachelor couple Trista and Ryan Sutter, who have been married forever and who have also appeared on the show, they felt encouraged to go through with it.

And in an interview with People, Catherine was willing to admit that their first year of marriage was the hardest, especially since there were so many adjustments they had to make. 

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Because not only were they just coming off the whirlwind, crazy experience of The Bachelor, but they also had to meld two lives into one. They moved in together and "learned to coexist." 

And while they're on Marriage Boot Camp this season, there was one thing in particular they needed to focus on: communication. According to Catherine, the number one issue she needed to tackle was not blowing up at Sean when she's angry, and Sean needed to understand why Catherine gets emotional.

These days, though? It sounds like the show did them a world of good, and they seem happier than ever. 

It's good to hear that Sean and Catherine are in a happy place in their marriage now, especially since so many Bachelor romances don't work out. They're setting a good example for all of the show's couples that come after them -- especially Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth. If they never make it down the aisle, we'll be heartbroken. Maybe Sean and Catherine can give them a little taste of boot camp in the future?


Image via seanloweksu/Instagram

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