Corey Simms Quits Twitter in the Wake of Leah & Miranda's Feud

 It's not exactly a secret that Corey Simms's ex-wife, Leah Messer, and his new wife, Miranda, aren't exactly BFFs. But apparently, the fact that they don't get along bothers Corey anyway. After Teen Mom 2's Unseen Moment special aired this week -- where Leah detailed how much she didn't like Miranda -- Corey deleted his Twitter


In the clip that was shown, Leah points out that the way Miranda acts in front of the MTV cameras is not how she acts on a regular day. Apparently that was just too much for Corey to take: He deleted his Twitter account -- not that he was a huge tweeter, anyway -- and his page is gone for good. 

Of course, there's a chance Corey got rid of his Twitter for another reason, but the fact that these two things happened so close together makes it hard to imagine that Leah's feelings on Miranda weren't the reason.

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Being that Corey used to take to Twitter to clear up rumors and speak out against things Leah has said in the past, it's totally possible he got tired of having to defend himself on social media. Who could blame him? It sounds pretty stressful to us, and we aren't even on an MTV reality show.

And even though there have been rumors that Corey and Leah have cheated together in the recent past, it's hard to believe they'll ever be close enough to even consider doing that again. Their relationship is pretty much beyond repair by now -- especially if Leah can't get along with Corey's wife. 

Hopefully, Leah and Corey can be civil enough to each other to at least give their daughters a good life. And you never know -- Corey might make an appearance on Twitter again someday. We were really hoping to see photos of his new baby later this year! 


Image via coreysimms/Instagram

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