'How to Get Away With Murder' Season 2 Episode 4 Delivers an Unexpected PSA to Parents

Tonight's episode of How to Get Away with Murder was a little different from what we've seen so far. With so much drama (and murder) happening in the background, all eyes were on Annalise Keating's new client, and more importantly, the serious dangers of a phone app that allows you to hide secret files. Parents, take note.


Warning -- spoilers ahead!

It's pretty safe to assume the average teen wouldn't be on trial for murdering his or her friend -- and while the girl in this episode was guilty, she did keep us hip to something kids today might have installed on their cell phones.

It was noted as "HAS" in the episode, and there are in fact hidden-away safe apps that allow users to secretly store everything from photos to videos on their smartphone undetected. Should you have sensitive material you don't want anyone to find (hopefully you're not like this girl and made a "let's kill again" video just for fun, or want to off your teacher for giving you a C), you too can install a privacy app that looks as careless as a calculator for people to skip over if and when they go searching through your phone.

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Now I don't know about you, but I'd like to think of myself as a mama who's "with it" when it comes to pop culture and the world today. Yeah, I don't hit the clubs and stay up late like I did in my 20s (I do the holy ghost dance when my kids go to sleep on time), but I thought I was doing well ... until I heard about this. Granted, how this app was used in How to Get Away with Murder was very extreme, but it did make me think about how teens can store questionable material on their phones -- leaving parents completely clueless. Yes, we can only hope all those Full House moments we had with them growing up come into play, but I would also like to stay in the know about apps like this.

Thanks to Laurel's hunch -- along with Connor's leaking the video to the prosecutor (yeah, that didn't make Annalise happy...at all) -- this app completely changed the game in the courtroom.

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Now that we got that important PSA out the way, back to the drama.

The pieces are starting to come together as secret alliances and blackmailing schemes continue to surface. Bonnie now knows Asher is a mole, and she took the rap for killing Sam (Asher thinks Annalise did it). Annalise saw Nate and Wes chatting it up in the parking lot (the two are joining forces -- along with Levi, Rebecca's foster brother we thought was "Eggs," but isn't -- to unveil the truth about what really happened to Rebecca), which will likely make her question their loyalty. And what about Michaela going back to her apartment at the end of the episode (during the "flash forward" when Annalise was shot) to check in with none other than Caleb Hapstall? What?!

There was so much stuff that happened, you almost forgot Nate's wife (yes, he's a married man) wanted Annalise to help her die. You do remember we learned about her a couple episodes back, right (she has stage four ovarian cancer)? Even though Annalise thought about it, she chose not to do it (maybe she dodged something, who knows).

Needless to say, things are getting mighty juicy on How to Get Away with Murder, and we've got more episodes to see before we finally know why Annalise was shot -- and, of course, who did it.


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