Ben Higgins Is Reportedly So Over the 'Bachelor' Drama He Might Leave the Show

Filming for The Bachelor's 2016 season is already in full swing, which means by now, Ben Higgins is officially in the thick of it as far as choosing his potential future wife goes. But apparently, Ben is thinking about quitting The Bachelor because of all the drama ... especially the drama that comes with Becca Tilley. What?!


Anybody who's been following along knows that The Bachelor is one of those shows where emotions are always running high, but is it too much for our new leading man?

According to a new report from In Touch, the drama that his contestants have brought along with them is enough to make Ben want to walk away from the show entirely. Ben, didn't you know that "The Bachelor" and  "drama" are practically synonymous? It's hard to figure out how this could come as a surprise to him. 

And reportedly, Becca Tilley is at the center of the drama. Apparently the women on Ben's season don't like that she's there, and it's causing a bit of an uprising -- kind of like the one Ben witnessed on The Bachelorette when Nick Viall appeared on the scene.

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Will Ben actually quit The Bachelor? No, probably not -- especially when you consider what the penalties for breaking his contract must be. In fact, this whole story is a little fishy, since there's no way Ben didn't know coming into this that emotions would be running high. 

And if Ben does walk off The Bachelor? It's going to make for a very interesting season. A short one, yes. But an interesting one!


Image via higgins.ben/Instagram 

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