'Mom' Is the Winner When 'Supergirl' Stars Reveal Their Real Heroes (VIDEO)

Take heart, moms of the world! You are all superheroes. In anticipation of its new series Supergirl, CBS asks the cast members to name their real-life heroes, and moms were the winners by a landslide.


Supergirl will revolve around heroine Zor-El (Melissa Benoist), Superman's cousin who arrives on Earth about 20 years after him. CBS launched the "My Supergirl Is" campaign to get people talking about the heroes in their own lives. The stars of the new series responded to the prompt, and, well, it makes this mom's heart happy to hear their answers.

Do you just love it? We love our fantasy shows, especially when there's a strong, supernatural female lead, but in our everyday lives, moms are the real heroes.

We are tough as nails, but can also scare monsters under the bed away with a whisper. What we lack in sleep, we make up in love. We are unstoppable, empowered with the incredible responsibility of raising children to adulthood, sometimes on our own.

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Plus we have eyes in the backs of our heads and incredible intuition and can find any lost item in a matter of minutes. We are multitaskers and lie detectors and can heal boo-boos with a single kiss. If those aren't super powers, I don't know what is.

We're awesome, moms -- true superheroes. It's awesome to see the stars of Supergirl agree.


Image via Supergirl/YouTube

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