Ben Higgins Didn't Want Becca Tilley To Join 'The Bachelor'

If you've been following along with Bachelor spoilers for the upcoming season, you know we'll be seeing a very familiar face again this season: Becca Tilley. Chris Soules's runner-up is back to compete for Ben Higgins, except there's only one problem: Ben didn't want Becca to join The Bachelor this season. 


According to Reality Steve, Ben talked to Becca before filming and decided that he wasn't interested in having someone who'd appeared on a past season on his season, but ABC made the executive decision to add her to the cast anyway.

And even though Ben could totally have eliminated her by now, it sounds like she's made it pretty far in the competition -- although Steve adds that "Ben told her directly" not to join the show.

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And if you love Becca as much as we do and are hoping she'll win, don't get your hopes up. Apparently, Ben has too much pride to choose her as his wife in the end after he specifically made a case for her not being on this season. 

"She did it anyway because she obviously has an interest in him (and other factors like TV, promoting product, social media love, etc.), but I can’t see him flipping on his stance at all from what I was told," Steve added. 

Hmm. Wonder if Ben would set his pride aside if he and Becca do actually fall in love? It'll be interesting to see this whole thing play out!


Image via beccatilley5/Instagram

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