Paula Deen -- Yes, That Paula Deen -- Flashes Her Underwear at 'DWTS' Judges (VIDEO)

Let's file this under Thing You Can't Unsee. On Monday night's episode of Dancing with the Stars, Paula Deen flashed her underwear at the judges several times -- and even got a little bit naughty with some light spanking onstage.


After a switcheroo with the celebs and the pro-dancers this week, Ms. Deen found herself partnered with Mark Ballas for a milk man–themed jive to "Shake."

And because apparently her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard -- and because she was trying to keep up with Ballas, whom she declared was much edgier than she is -- she felt the need to flash her panties at the judges.

And just to show that Anastasia Steele doesn't get to have all the fun in the BDSM department, Ballas indulged in some smacking of dat ass. But don't worry, Paula was totally down with it, and maybe even found her true calling!

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The former Food Network star told Us Weekly that she finally got to be herself being paired with Ballas. And who cares if she doesn't get all the steps just right? Not Paula. Especially with her secret weapon of panty-flashing. She said, "I'm not going to be scoring high with the judges, I don't care if I dance like twinkletoes, I'm not going to get it, I'm just not. And that's alright!"

More power to you, Ms. Deen. But please, maybe keep your skirt down next time. 


Image via Dancing With the Stars/YouTube

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