'Bachelor in Paradise' Couple Nick & Samantha Bite the Dust

Bad news for those of us who thought Samantha Steffen and Nick Peterson's relationship was the real deal. As of this week, the Bachelor in Paradise couple is officially done. According to a source close to the couple, Samantha and Nick have broken up. Bummer! 


And as the insider tells Us Weekly, it's not because they aren't compatible -- and obviously, on BIP, they had plenty of chemistry, so that's not the issue either. The real culprit? The distance between them. Apparently, living across the country from each other -- with Sam in L.A. and Nick in Florida -- was an obstacle too big for them to overcome. 

It's sad, but it's not surprising. Long-distance relationships are hard, and if neither party is willing to move to be close to the other, they don't usually have happy endings.

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More details about their split: Reportedly, it was Sam's idea to end things, and she's not going to be looking for a new man for a while. Hmm. Interesting! 

Hopefully both of them are doing okay post-breakup. Even if it was amicable, a split is never easy to get through!

We wonder how Joe Bailey is feeling about this one. Vindicated, perhaps? 


Image via samanthasteffen/Instagram

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